Masked man Bill Kurtis ‘goes wild’ in promoting cover-up

When Bill Kurtis talks, people listen. Now the legendary Chicago anchorman wants to have a word with you about wearing a mask, Robert Feder writes.

Strictly on a lark, Kurtis has recorded a marvelous series of over-the-top public service announcements from his north suburban Mettawa home to promote wearing masks during the pandemic.

Each of the seven spots features Kurtis narrating a mock-dramatic vignette (mostly in film noir style), backed by music from David Huizenga, former composer for Kurtis Productions.

"When you’re in shelter for six months, one’s creativity goes wild," said Kurtis, who turns 80 later this month. "I think I was channeling Ken Nordine, Chicago radio of the 1930s, ‘The Lone Ranger,’ etc. . . . Call them mini-radio shows or whatever. It’s certainly fun doing the voices and writing."

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via Daily Herald

September 11, 2020 at 08:52AM

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