Proposal Could End Ban On Women Exposing Breasts At Chicago Bars

CHICAGO — A city ban on women exposing bare breasts in businesses where booze is sold would be eliminated under a proposal alderman forwarded for City Council approval.

The City Council License Committee approved an amended ordinance that would eliminate gender associated with nudity, and strike a clause that prohibited the exposure of female breasts "at or below the areola" in establishments that serve liquor.

The proposed law change stems from the pending settlement of a federal lawsuit filed by a performance artist who objected to the city’s requirement to cover her nipples during her live shows.

A city law department spokeswoman said the proposed changes would allow "topless-only strip club" to apply for a liquor license.

Also, so-long as performers aren’t exposing flesh "to appeal to the prurient interest" of patrons or the explicit simulation of "specified sexual activities" would be allowed to do so in places that aren’t adult-use venues once a month if the measure is approved by the City Council next month.

An "adult use establishment" offering full-nude dancing is prohibited from receiving a license to sell liquor and allowing patrons to bring their own booze to consume on site, the law department spokeswoman said.


via Lincoln Square, IL Patch

August 25, 2020 at 05:40PM

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