Rep. Moeller, Local Advocates Push Farm Harvest for Charity

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ELGIN — Many people are going without during the COVID-19 pandemic. State Rep. Anna Moeller is asking everyone to pitch in to help.

Rep. Moeller is joining with local advocates this weekend to promote a fun local harvest day for charity. Read more about it:

With many local families struggling during the coronavirus pandemic, State Rep. Anna Moeller is joining with local volunteers and small businesses owners to help battle hunger with your help.

Phet Lay Haverkos, a local volunteer, Pong Sayasane of the Bethlehem Preschool Center in St. Charles and Chad Gope Ratsamy of Dee-jai Music and Dance Academy are joining with Rep. Moeller from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. this Saturday, Aug. 22 for a day of harvest at Scott’s Vegetable Stand, 42W472 Burlington Road in Elgin.

Organizers are hoping local families will come to help harvest as many vegetables as possible during the three-hour event at the farm. Donations of money will pay for the vegetables harvested, and the food will be then given to Food for Greater Elgin and other local food pantries.

Patrons are asked to bring cardboard boxes and bags to put the vegetables in for transport, and encouraged for comfort to wear sunscreen, bug spray, closed toe shoes and light-colored clothing. Social distancing will be possible because of the large, open spaces in the field, but masks should be brought for use if needed.

"These are incredibly challenging times, and everyone is touched by the pandemic and its health and economic effects," Moeller said. "But with every challenge, I am so encouraged to see good people like Phet and Chad step up to meet needs and am happy to help.

"I ask anyone who is available Saturday to join us for a good time picking vegetables and enjoying the weather, while supporting this great cause."

Additional food harvest dates are still being scheduled for September and October.

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August 20, 2020 at 09:17AM

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