LETTER: Vote ‘yes’ for Illinois fair tax



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Right now, our state and country are living through a devastating global pandemic, which has highlighted how years of underfunding the social safety net has shortchanged the Illinois residents who rely on it, cutting needed programs and even causing agencies to drop services or go out of business altogether.

Passing the Fair Tax Amendment would be a strong first step in righting these wrongs, and in supporting medical professionals and human service providers like Planned Parenthood of Illinois and the people it serves. Passing this amendment would provide more than $3 billion a year that could be used for health care and human services in Illinois.

These investments are desperately needed across the state. In some counties in Central Illinois, Planned Parenthood of Illinois is the only provider of affordable, high quality reproductive health care for lower income and uninsured patients. But it’s becoming increasingly difficult to provide this care when the state can’t keep pace with the growing need.

It’s time for fair funding in Illinois, and that’s what the Fair Tax amendment will provide.

It’s also time for a fair tax system. Those at the very top can afford to pay a little bit more to support the vital services we all depend on, especially right now, while this pandemic continues to stress our health care system and disproportionately harm those who were already at risk. Most of the rest of us— the 97% of Illinoisans making $250,000 or less — will get a tax cut or pay no more than we currently do.


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August 20, 2020 at 10:15AM

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