Female leaders lobby for “Fair Tax” on milestone of 19th amendment


SPRINGFIELD (HOI) — More than 1,100 women are supporting Gov. JB Pritzker’s "Fair Tax" amendment on the 100th anniversary of the country’s 19th amendment.

Leaders from several statewide organizations emphasize Illinois women led the fight for voting rights. Today, they’re leading the fight to pass the graduated income tax proposal in November. The women say approving the amendment could be a strong first step to funding critical programs for residents.

"Passing this amendment would provide more than $3 billion a year to the state," said Jennifer Welch, Planned Parenthood Illinois Action CEO. "And this money could be used for healthcare and human services."

Vote Yes For the Fair Tax organizers say Pritzker’s plan will provide relief to Illinois families and deliver fair funding to every community. The graduated income tax amendment would lower taxes for residents making less than $250,000 per year. Advocates note the proposal can also help young Illinoisans achieve their goals in the future.

"The process of progress is not a straight line, but it is an ongoing active fight that hopefully we’re all engaged in," said Women Employed President Cherita Ellens. "And the Fair Tax amendment is part of that fight for progress."

Voters should receive pamphlets in the mail with arguments for and against the amendment before they cast ballots this fall.



August 19, 2020 at 09:05AM

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