Praise for local schools educating amidst a global pandemic

The planning has been constant, changing daily based on new information or an edict from another level. It has been intentional, with every possible outcome considered. On June 4, the Illinois State Board of Education published a 27 page joint guidance document for school leaders to review. On June 23, they published a 60 page document for review, and on July 23, their most recent document was 103 pages.

A day later, the governor issued Executive Order 2020-47, where he reaffirmed ISBE’s summer publications and essentially solidified that the decision to return to school would be a local one, removing doubt (for now) about another statewide school shutdown. Keeping up with and planning in response to the latest update from the Governor, the Illinois Department of Public Health, and the Illinois State Board of Education has been all-consuming for educational leaders since March. The logistics are virtually impossible to put into words. They have worked continuously from the beginning and their efforts should be applauded. The logistical challenges faced by those in education are truly monumental.

All school personnel – bus drivers, maintenance, teacher aides, cafeteria workers, secretaries, teachers, administrators, etc. – have consistently stepped in, stepped up, overcome obstacles, and made the safety of our students their first priority. The focus remains on doing what is right, embracing the opportunity to rise to the challenge, and forging a new chapter in education.



August 14, 2020 at 08:22AM

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