Letter: Padilla knows the importance of raising and educating kids


To the Editor:

This year, parents of the 71st have a critical choice to make. Do we want to be represented by someone who�has our children’s safety and education at heart? Or would we prefer two more years of a representative who couldn’t care less about our kids?

The latter, of course, is Tony McCombie. She has twice voted against raising teachers’ salaries. Many�teachers have to buy classroom materials out of their own budget during normal years. How can they be�expected to afford PPE or materials needed to retrofit classrooms on an already strained budget? What about�compensation for the emotional toll of knowing that their lives, as well as the lives of their students and�families, are at risk?

Of course, Tony McCombie would have to care about students’ welfare for this to concern her. Considering that she also voted against guaranteeing that all students have access to lunch, I doubt she cares whether they catch COVID-19.

I am a mother, grandmother and retired fifth-grade teacher. I choose to vote for a candidate who understands the importance of raising and educating children. I am voting for Joan Padilla.

Marie Popkin



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August 13, 2020 at 05:42PM

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