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EDWARDSVILLE – Bob Daiber, Democratic candidate for Madison County Board Chairman, today called for specific cuts to the budget of the County Board Chairman’s office. The cuts proposed by Daiber would save taxpayers more than $1 million over the next four years.

Under Daiber’s proposal, the County Board would move to reduce the Board Chairman’s salary by 20% and would eliminate the IMRF pension benefit paid for by taxpayers. Further, if elected, Daiber would forgo any county-paid health insurance benefit.

Next, Daiber would eliminate the positions of Compliance Manager and Deputy County Administrator, two new positions created during incumbent Kurt Prenzler’s Administration.

Reducing the salary and benefits of the County Board Chairman and eliminating the positions of Compliance Manager and Deputy County Administrator would save taxpayers $1,000,991.48 over the next four years (see attachment).

“The salary for the County Board Chairman has become inflated and should be reduced to reflect the duties of the position,” said Daiber. “Serving in public office should be about helping residents and business owners, creating jobs, advancing the region through education and training, improving infrastructure, and providing social support programs to our communities, not high-paying salaries for an office holder and their friends.”

“Kurt Prenzler admitted in a recent press release that property taxes are ‘out of control,’” continued Daiber. “Maybe if Prenzler wasn’t using the taxpayers’ hard-earned money to create high paying jobs for political allies, property taxes wouldn’t be so out of control on his watch.”

“If elected Chairman, I will operate County government with one experienced County Administrator and will not use taxpayer money as a personal piggybank to reward political allies,” continued Daiber.

“One of the primary reasons I am running for County Board Chairman is my concern for the fiscal health of Madison County,” said Bob Daiber. “Throughout my service as Regional Superintendent of Schools and as Marine Township Supervisor, I have demonstrated a commitment to fiscal responsibility, and I firmly believe that a good leader sets an example by running their own office efficiently and effectively.”

Daiber will be sending correspondence to Madison County Finance Committee Chairman Don Moore outlining these proposed cuts to the office of County Board Chairman and asking for the immediate consideration of this fiscally responsible proposal.

“Country Boards must set the salary and benefits for each prior to the election for each office,” stated Daiber. “While the current salaries are in place, the cuts are definite agenda items for my administration.”



County Board Chairman (20% reduction in salary, elimination of pension and health benefits)

Annual Gross Salary $109,410.86 (20% = $21,882.17)

Annual Pension Benefit $11,488.14

Annual Health Insurance $14,392.80

Annual savings $47,763.11

Four-year savings $191,052.44

Compliance Manager (position eliminated)

Annual Gross Salary $99,049.60

Annual Pension Benefit $10,400.21

Annual Health Insurance $10,180.00

Annual savings $119,629.81

Four-year savings $478,519.24

Deputy County Administrator (position eliminated)

Annual Gross Salary $67,662.40

Annual Pension Benefit $7404.55

Annual Health Insurance $7788.00

Annual savings $82,854.95

Four-year savings $331,419.80

Total Four-Year Savings $1,000,991.48

(Source: Madison County Human Resources Department, information obtained via Freedom of Information Act Requests, July 2020).

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August 10, 2020 at 08:38PM

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