Get My Payment IL coalition partners with Carpenter’s Place to help people get their stimulus check

ROCKFORD (WREX) — While stimulus checks went out four months ago, thousands in our area are still waiting for their check. One group says it can help.

"The people who most need that are also the least likely to get it," said Heartland Alliance Associate Director for Research and Policy Jody Chong.

Get My Payment Illinois is a coalition made up of six non-profits throughout the state. One of those organizations include Heartland Alliance.

Chong says more than 14,000 people in Winnebago County may not have received their check.

She says having very low income, not filing for taxes, not having access to a bank account or not having access to technology are just some of the barriers families face.

That’s why the coalition partnered with Carpenter’s Place in Rockford to provide families in Winnebago County with knowledge and resources so they can finally unlock that money.

"That on the ground outreach is really helping people take whatever action they need to take in order to get the payment, which could include going to the IRS website and filling out the forms on the website," said Chong.

The Get My Payment Illinois coalition is making recommendations to congress about fixing stimulus check barriers. It hopes if a second CARES Act passes, more people can gain access to funding.

The coalition says for those that qualify to get a stimulus check and still have not yet received it, they can register up until October 15.

If you have questions, you can call the coalition hotline at 888-553-9777 or visit their website.


via WREX

August 8, 2020 at 08:49AM

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