Invest in our communities by passing the fair tax

Nothing is more important to me as Chair of the McDonough County Democratic Central Committee than fighting to advance policies that help our working families in the community. These policies are needed more than ever as we work to recover from the Coronavirus crisis, which has disproportionately impacted low-income families and communities of color.

Truth be told, there is not one simple, easy solution to address all the challenges we face. Instead of getting discouraged, let’s focus on concrete actions we can take now to create progress for our state, including voting to pass the Fair Tax this November.

Our current tax system is broken, forcing working and middle-class families to pay the same tax rate as millionaires and billionaires. This means that our essential workers, including nurses and grocery store clerks who have played such a vital role for our communities in recent months, pay nearly 14 percent of their income in state and local taxes, while the wealthiest in our state only pay half of that.

That’s not only unfair, it’s plain wrong, and we don’t have to accept it anymore. Passing the Fair Tax in this election will set things right by asking the wealthy to finally pay their share.

Here in McDonough County, nearly all our residents — at least 99 percent — will either see a tax cut or see their taxes stay the same under the Fair Tax. Only those making more than $250,000 a year will pay more, a small price to pay for the greater good.

The additional revenue generated from the Fair Tax can go toward funding our social services and education system to ensure we’re serving those most in need. In McDonough County, nearly a quarter of our neighbors — 22 percent of people — live in poverty. They rely on these programs to get by, and we have an obligation as a community to try to help them succeed.

I’ve also seen firsthand how important proper funding of our education system is during my previous decades-long career at Western Illinois University as the Director of the Gwendolyn Brooks Cultural Center. Our state colleges and universities have struggled greatly due to a lack of funding, and as a result, the cost of college has soared. Our students bear the consequences, forced to decide between taking out loans that could take years to pay back, or not attend college altogether. No student should have to make that decision about their future.

The Fair Tax would help put these days behind us, and usher in a new era where we are helping low-income students and their families .

From Macomb to Prairie City, and everywhere in between, we have the opportunity to bring about real change for our communities and our state. Let’s pass the Fair Tax in November and bring about a new future for our state.

Belinda Carr

Chair, McDonough County Democratic Central Committee


via The McDonough County Voice

August 7, 2020 at 11:08AM

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