LETTER: Brad Halbrook’s Plan to separate Illinois from Chicago is Disaster for Illinois


Chicago would do very well without having to support the rest of the state and be thrilled to keep all that revenue. The situation would be akin to that during the Civil War when the North had all the industry and manufacturing. The South had only cotton and the blockades prevented the sale of cotton abroad the South was doomed. 

In his sublime cluelessness Mr. Halbrook is probably unaware of an innovative program created by our local Farm Bureau called "Adopt a Legislator." Local farmers "adopt" a legislator from the Chicago area and work with them to foster better understanding of the issues local farmers have. The legislators are given tours of the farms and have meetings with groups of farmers to discuss issues and ways of solving problems. This is how intelligent people resolve issues.

Such creative imagination is apparently beyond Mr. Halbrook and, now seeking re-election, his only solution is a sensational headline urging separation from Chicago.

We have to ask. Exactly what has Mr. Halbrook done for his constituents during his term in office? What kind of return have we had from our investment in his representation? Nada, zilch, zero and a whole lot if nothing. What is his plan for replacing all the revenue that would be lost from Chicago? Has he discovered gold mines in the Illinois prairie?

Mr. Halbrook’s separation idea is just one of his doomsday proposals that would bring financial ruin to the state of Illinois. We don’t need people like him and their disastrous schemes trying to run our state government.


via Herald-Review.com

August 1, 2020 at 03:30PM

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