Daiber will not seek another term as Marine Township supervisor


Bob Daiber, Democratic candidate for County Board chairman, has served as Marine Township supervisor since 2001. Daiber announced at the July Marine Township meeting that he will not seek re-election as township supervisor in 2021. 

“As I leave this position, the Marine Township assets, finances, and infrastructure are all in excellent condition,” Daiber said . “I am proud of the fiscal responsibility demonstrated during my tenure as well as the improvements we have made over the last 20 years.”

Daiber indicated he was making this announcement now so residents who may be interested in serving as township supervisor have the time to make the decision if they wish to seek the office.

“Candidates seeking the position should realize that there is more to the job than just being the township administrator, road district treasurer, and financial officer,” Daiber said. “In a rural township, you also manage the General Assistance and Emergency Assistance funds for residents in need of help, facilitate the senior center, perform the janitorial services, and coordinate the schedule of events. Being a rural township supervisor is true community service.”

Although the Illinois attorney general’s “compatibility of office guidelines” show no conflict of interest in holding the position of County Board chairman and township supervisor, Daiber also indicated that he decided not to seek another term to avoid any skepticism that there would be a conflict in him serving in both positions.

“In making this announcement, I also want to clarify a false rumor about my compensation as supervisor,” Daiber stated. “I receive no pension or health insurance benefits as Marine Township supervisor. I have only received an annual salary and I was the only Marine Township official not to receive an increase in compensation for the past four years.”

“As County Board chairman, I will end the corruption we have witnessed in recent years and devote my time and energy to accomplishing real results for the people of Madison County,” Daiber concluded.

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July 29, 2020 at 03:02PM

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