Alderman Questions Com Ed Representative on Safety of Sandwich Utility Poles

Commonwealth Edison’s George Gaulrap briefed the Sandwich City Council at Monday’s Committee of the Whole meeting regarding the status of electrical service in Sandwich.

Gaulrapp also fielded some pointed questions from Fourth Ward alderman Fred Kreinbrink.

Gaulrapp said that Sandwich’s 2019 electric reliability rate was 99.98%.

At the February 14 Sandwich City Council meeting, alderman Kreinbrink complained to Gaulrapp about the "reject poles" that are present in the city

Last Monday, Kreinbrink asked Gaulrapp again about the "reject poles," and Gaulrapp countered that the "reject poles" had become a sore spot with Kreinbrink.

Kreinbrink responded.

Gaulrapp said that when the large poles on E. Sandwich Rd. came down in a storm three years ago that it was the weather, not the poles that was was responsible.  He added that the poles on E. Sandwich Rd. were safe.

Kreinbrink countered.

Gaulrapp said that safety is number one with Commonwealth Edison, and he said that the utility is very cautious with what they do. 

Kreinbrink is the Utilities Operations Manager for the City of Naperville.

Hear Jim Wyman’s WSPY Radio story by clicking the link below:



July 24, 2020 at 08:56AM

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