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To the Editor:

On July 20, Rep. Tony McCombie posted on her Facebook page "FOUND. In a driveway of a supporter and sign carrier. Looks�like we may have a campaign against us that includes vandalism, memes, and anger" along with a photo of random�nails, screws and a door hinge.

No evidence of location of said garbage heap or a photo of any person responsible, just childish, inflammatory accusations and insinuations.

Inflammatory comments of this nature are beneath the�level of leadership District 71st deserves and is contrary to how our tax dollars should spent by our representative. To imply that a political opponent and her supporters are sabotaging signs is not only childish, it�could be considered libel.�I hope that the people of the 71st are paying attention to the tricks and schemes you are pushing. Tony. It is dirty politics, and we deserve better than this in the 71st.

This isn’t the first time Rep. McCombie has attempted to create unnecessary drama on social media. We deserve a mature, professional, and fair representative in the 71st. �Our tax dollars should not be used to fund this kind of nonsense.

Grow up, Tony – you have a job to do. How’s Garden Plain Road coming along?

Cyndi Mead



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July 23, 2020 at 06:10AM

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