IEA Sues New Berlin School District Over Kindred Firing

The Illinois Education is adding another lawsuit to the New Berlin School District. In a press release from IEA today, the state teacher’s union announced that it will be filing an Unfair Labor Practice charge with the Illinois Educational Labor Relations Board against the district in the case of Joe Kindred being dismissed. Kindred has been a teacher and baseball coach in the district for the past 15 years. Kindred is also the former president of the local New Berlin Education Association union.

The IEA also is challenging the disciplinary action taken against the current NBEA President Tonya Delaney at the New Berlin School District Board of Education meeting on June 25th.

IEA President Kathi Griffin said in the press release that the state union believes the termination was unlawful and was an attack on teacher’s unions around the state. The NBEA serves 60 teachers in the district.

The New Berlin School Board is meeting in special session for 6PM this evening to announce the district-wide learning plan. They are also announcing Bo Gum as the new Head Baseball Coach at the High School and Junior High who will replace Kindred.


via WLDS

July 22, 2020 at 04:57PM

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