Letter: ‘Apalled’ by Rep. McCombie’s postings on birth control


To the Editor:

On July 9, state Rep. Tony McCombie posted a Facebook status that was both tone-deaf and heartless in�response to Gov. Pritzker’s reaction to the Supreme Court’s decision that strips workers’ rights to birth control based on the employer’s religious beliefs.

She said:�“You want choice … don’t work for the company that’s religious views don’t align with�yours. Seems pretty simple to me[.]”

I, for one, am appalled at how clueless my own state representative is about what it’s like to be penned in�by lack of economic opportunity (especially during a recession, when other jobs simply aren’t available),�why birth control is essential to a woman’s health (it is often used to treat serious medical conditions,�not just prevent pregnancy) and how it is simply wrong for an employer to force his or her religious beliefs on�employees.

Furthermore, her reaction was eerily similar to that of Ivanka Trump’s ad campaign,�patronizingly titled “Find Something New.” This should give anyone pause.

For this reason, among others too numerous to name, I will be supporting Joan Padilla for state�representative of the Illinois 71st in November.

Madison Stewart



via | SaukValley.com

July 21, 2020 at 12:13PM

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