Madison County Board passes resolution warning residents of security on the Metrolink, demands improvements.

MADISON COUNTY, IL – The You Paid For It Team has learned of a new resolution passed by the Madison County Board warning citizens about security on Metrolink.

The resolution also says Bi-State must do more to make the system safer.

The resolution was brought on by the beating of a teenage girl at a Metrolink station while guards stood around without intervening.

The resolution also questions Bi-State’s new $16 million dollar security contract with a London based company.

Elliott Davis talked to the Chairman of the Madison County Board who said action is needed now.

Elliott also caught up with Bi-State President and CEO Taulby Roach who insists Metrolink is getting safer. He defended the new contract as well as the million dollars’ worth of studies to make suggestions on safety.

One of the recommendations was taking guns away from security guards.

Bi-State Commissioner Derrick Keith Cox from Madison County blasted that action. He says it’s leaving guards defenseless. Saying they can’t protect themselves let alone someone else.

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via FOX 2

July 20, 2020 at 10:04PM

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