Alderman Raymond Lopez Reports Second Incident Of Vandalism In Two Weeks

CHICAGO (CBS)– Alderman Raymond Lopez reported a second incident of vandalism in two weeks. Someone smashed the windows of his office in Brighton Park.

Police said two people were seen throwing bricks through the front windows and door of the 15th Ward alderman’s office just before midnight.

Lopez tweeted photos of the damage, while calling out Mayor Lori Lightfoot for refusing to address what he calls “terror attacks on our communities.” Lopez said he believes gang members are targeting him.


The alderman said he’s been targeted before.

“Following the assault on my home about two weeks ago, I’m sure this is connected,” Lopez said. “The descriptions match the people and I have no doubt that this is a continuation of gangs still trying to send a message to intimidate me.”

About two weeks ago, bricks were thrown through the windows at his home in Brighton Park and the garage next door was set on fire.

No arrests have been made.

Lightfoot and Lopez, one of her harshest critics, engaged in an angry and foul-mouthed argument over the city’s handling of the widespread violence during the recent looting and protests in Chicago.

During a conference call with all 50 aldermen on May 31 to discuss the city’s response to the looting, Lopez accused the mayor of being unprepared when looting spread from downtown to the neighborhoods that weekend.

Lopez and Lightfoot have been at odds throughout her time in office, and he’s been one of the most consistent votes against her in City Council, having called her 2020 budget plan “bloated” and no more than smoke and mirrors.


via CBS Local

July 20, 2020 at 06:08AM

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