CAPITOL RECAP: State unveils how it will determine if reopening rollback needed

That amounts to 97 percent of taxpayers seeing rate cuts while 3 percent see higher rates, supporters argue.

ETHICS REFORM: With fewer than four months remaining until the general election, House Republicans said Tuesday, July 14, they want to remind Illinoisans of Democratic lawmakers’ “failure” to address corruption in the General Assembly.

It has been 260 days since former Chicago Democratic Rep. Louis Arroyo was charged by federal officials with bribery, House Minority Leader Jim Durkin said during a virtual news conference. Arroyo’s case remains pending.

Durkin, of Western Springs, also mentioned the case of former Sen. Martin Sandoval, a Chicago Democrat who pleaded guilty in January to federal charges of bribery and tax fraud.

Democratic representatives “appeared sickened and dismayed” by those ethics violations before the novel coronavirus pandemic hit, Durkin said, but “cannot be found nor heard from today.”

“New leadership” in the Illinois House — specifically, installing Durkin as speaker — would end the “cycle of corruption,” Rep. Mark Batinick, a Republican from Plainfield, said Tuesday.

When the Legislature met for a special session in May, guidelines established that only issues “narrowly confined” to COVID-19 could be considered, Durkin said. Instead of addressing reforms previously proposed, the Democratic majority focused on “spending taxpayer money we don’t have, increasing income tax hikes (and) failing to fix the unfair property tax system.



July 19, 2020 at 07:23AM

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