38% Think Illinois Reopened ‘Too Soon’ Amid Coronavirus Pandemic


ROMEOVILLE, IL — Equal number of people who responded to a poll for Romeoville Patch readers said the speed at which COVID-19 restrictions have been eased in the multi-phase reopening plan was either too fast or just about right.

Almost 38 percent said the state reopened too soon or that things happened at the right pace, whereas nearly 14 percent said it was too slow and 11 percent of the respondents were not sure.


At the same time, 70 percent of the survey takers said they did not change their behavior once the state moved to Phase 4 of the governor’s Restore Illinois plan amid the pandemic. About 24 percent did notice changes in their routine and 5 percent were not sure.

Some Romeoville Patch readers expressed concern about Illinois opening back up as coronavirus infection rates increase in other states.

"It’s too soon, and we should at least close state boarders to isolate and prevent people from traveling here who might have COVID-19," one reader said. When asked about what changes they’d like to see, the same reader said," Close the state boarders for every state to isolate ourselves."

"I think the slow road is the way to go. Very nervous about phase 4 and how our residents will comply," another commented. "Enforce mandatory masks."

One of the readers also said there not wearing masks in public should be considered a violation and "I think the whole process is being rushed to please entitled people who simply can’t wear a mask without feeling their rights are being taken away."

State health officials on Tuesday announced 707 new cases of the coronavirus and 25 additional deaths. The statewide total now stands at 155,506 confirmed infections and 7,218 deaths, not counting another 1,132 probable cases and 201 probable deaths.

The country set multiple single-day records for new cases last week, and the CDC’s latest prediction estimates between 140,000 and 160,000 deaths nationwide by August 1. However, despite the continued increase in the number of cases, some respondents feel everything needs to be open.

"United States very slow with everything and the lies about testing is absolutely horrible," one reader said. "IL just open already and be done with it, it was all for politics anyone had nothing to do with the virus, they lied on numbers and still are."

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via Romeoville, IL Patch

July 15, 2020 at 10:35PM

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