Letter to the Editor | Too much news on the Ammonses


Too much opinion on the Ammonses

There are many ways to stalk, harass or troll a person. Jim Dey, a newspaper opinion columnist, has been engaged in all three of those in his muckraking of the Ammons family. As an opinion writer, it is not clear why he has targeted this family. Of course, I have not kept a day-by-day account of the number of times that Dey has felt the need to report something about this family, but it is easily once a week that this opinion writer reports the most recent event of the Ammons family.

Possibly the Ammonses are the source of a fiction novel he is writing. If this were happening outside of his role with The News-Gazette, it would be grounds for a court order. His persistent tracking of Rep. Carol Ammons, her husband, Champaign County Clerk Aaron Ammons, and their daughter is either some form of mental illness or intentional character assassination.

I have known the Ammonses for over two decades, and they have always been committed to raising their family, serving the community and being model citizens. This is a family we should be proud to claim. Their contributions exceed what most of us do. Is Dey upset with this African American family who dares to enter the local political realm?

Is it audacity or arrogance in his view that he can’t tolerate? No matter which it is, it is time to let these people live their life, absent of Dey’s constant scrutiny.




via The News-Gazette

July 12, 2020 at 12:58PM

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