Rep. LaShawn Ford Wants Feds To Intervene To Stop Neighboring States From Selling Illegal Fireworks To Illinois Residents

CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) — A state lawmaker from Chicago’s West Side said the federal government needs to step in to prohibit Indiana retailers from selling fireworks that are illegal in Illinois to Illinoisans. 


Illinois State Representative La Shawn Ford said that fireworks from Indiana have been a big problem in Illinois for years.


But he said the problem seems far worse this year, possibly because of the cancellation of community fireworks shows due to the pandemic, which led more people to do it themselves, especially on July 4.


Retailers in neighboring states have seen a huge uptick in firework sales, as people cope with the pandemic, being stuck inside and not being able to celebrate in traditional firework shows. 


"It is against the law for anyone to use fireworks in Illinois but police drive by and they don’t enforce Illinois’ law," Ford said.


Ford understands that police have too much on their hands to deal with the illegal fireworks but he believes the only way to deal with the problem is for the federal government to ban retailers in states such as Indiana from selling to customers from states like Illinois.



"That is the only way to really stop the flow of fireworks coming to Illinois," he said.


Ford said he doubts Indiana would ban fireworks sales to Illinois residents because of all the money it brings to Indiana. 


After the independence holiday, there were several reports about house fires believed to have been caused by illegal fireworks, including one Naperville garage fire that officials said was started after someone threw away still-lit fireworks in a recycling bin. 

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July 11, 2020 at 04:33PM

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