Watch now: Durbin meets in Decatur with police to reassure, but also press for reform

1924: Decatur Police Department are top row, left to right, mayor Elmer Elder, captain R.A. Thornell, C.P. Elder, assistant chief Scott Gulliford, Sgt. Fred Meece, John Fink; second row, W.M. Park, Con Doherty, Sgt. T.J. Collins, Sgt. Stephen Wood, Harry Lovejoy, C.E. Martin, George Geer and Frank Bunkle; third row, R.E. Pound, Ben Taylor, Frank Dennis, Carl Phillips, W.R. Adams, E.W. Larrick, Virgil Belcher, C.A. Dickerson; front row, D.E. Baucom, B.T. Perkins, J.H. Wiggins, C.C. Aydelott, chief Omer Davenport, Robert Hankins, W.M. Markwell, C.T. Allen, John Higgins, police matron Mrs. Myrtle Edwards. 



July 8, 2020 at 10:00PM

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