Senator Patrick Joyce visits seniors to talk fraud prevention

Secretary of State Jesse White & State Senator Patrick Joyce [Photo: Kevin Romo]


UNIVERSITY PARK – Seniors are often to the target of scams
via the internet, on the phone and even in person.

In an attempt to warn seniors about how to avoid frauds,
State Senator Patrick Joyce (D-Essex) has been attending many senior events and
touring senior high-rise buildings, such as Thornwood House Apartments in
Chicago Heights.

“I’m committed to protecting seniors,” Joyce said. “I want
to help make sure they don’t fall victim to scams and frauds.”

Sen. Joyce is a chief co-sponsor of Senate Bill 3439, an initiative of Secretary of State Jesse White to help prevent investment fraud by allowing brokerage firms to delay or stop transactions if they believe the money is being transferred to a con artist.

“We want to make
sure senior investors are given every protection possible under the law,” White
said. “I will continue to work with Sen. Crowe and Joyce to further strengthen
investor protections as we move forward.”

According to the
FBI official website, seniors are less likely to report a fraud because they
often don’t know they have been scammed.

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via Country Herald

March 7, 2020 at 08:39AM

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