What Would Transforming IL’s Energy Sources Cost Consumers?


March 5, Sen Mike Hastings (D), Chairman of the Senate Cmte on Energy and Public Utilities, breifs reporters on his intent to bring stakeholders in the energy sector together to pass legislation that would increase the use of non-fossil fuels. That would mean ultimately replacing coal and natural gas, and increasing the purchase of wind and solar. But cheap energy – which Americans have long enjoyed compared to other nations, is due in large part to the use of fossil fuels. Wind and Solar are more expensive and more critical — are not reliable sources to produce the amount of power needed to run the economy and keep the lights burning. One of the primary problems is that wind and solar are not BASE LOAD energy supplies. A base load source is one that is available 24/7. The primary source of electricity from non-fossil fuels is nuclear power. Illinois is the leading state in the nation for the use of nuclear power, with some 40% of the state’s electricity comeing from nuclear. The other problem is COST of wind and solar. When Australia moved away from its use of fossil fuels and required more wind and solar, the cost to consumer exploded. Homeowners saw their electric bills triple in cost, or even more. [https://youtu.be/hzO1HeNuc00]
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March 5, 2020 at 05:19PM

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