Mayor Lightfoot Endorses Lindsey LaPointe for Illinois House Seat

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Chicago’s new mayor is throwing her support behind LaPointe in the contested race for the 19th District.

By Helen Atsales, Neighbor
Mayor Lightfoot Endorses Lindsey LaPointe for Illinois House Seat

CHICAGO — Our new mayor has been active on the political scene these last few weeks. Now she’s getting involved in another Illinois House race.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot today announced she’s endorsing State Rep. Lindsey LaPointe in the contested Democratic primary, giving LaPointe a nice boost in the final weeks of the 19th District House race.

Read the endorsement release here:

Chicago Mayor Lori E. Lightfoot is turning to young women leaders like Lindsey LaPointe to help her restore the right priorities in Chicago and Springfield.

LaPointe, D-Chicago, has earned the new mayor’s considerable support in her run for State Representative, representing the 19th Illinois House District on the northwest side of the city.

Lightfoot said LaPointe has the right values and priorities to advocate effectively for middle-class families.

"Lindsey LaPointe brings a fresh perspective to state government. As a social work professional and reform advocate, she has spent her career fighting to improve her community and our city. She is working to find smart new ways to take on crime, and I know she’ll work in Springfield to ease the tax burden on Illinois families. Lindsey LaPointe has my support and my endorsement," Lightfoot said.

LaPointe said she considers Mayor Lightfoot’s support one of the most significant of many endorsements she’s received this campaign season from a wide variety of elected officials, organized labor and advocacy groups because of the mayor’s commitment to ending business as usual in politics.

"Mayor Lightfoot is exactly right: we need real change in Chicago and Springfield, and we’ll only get it done by electing people who are public servants, not jaded politicians," LaPointe said. "I’m excited to partner with Mayor Lightfoot, Gov. Pritzker and many other reform-minded people who will put families and children first, fix our tax and health care systems, support our schools and help the less fortunate and those often left behind. Our work will not be easy, but together we can get the job done."


State Rep. Lindsey LaPointe became a member of the Illinois General Assembly in 2019. Proudly representing the northwest side 19th District of the Illinois House as a Democrat, Lindsey has always believed in helping others: as a social work professional who helped those with disabilities and special needs; in criminal justice as an advocate for rehabilitation and reform; and as a citizen legislator who puts middle-class families first through reforming income and property taxes, career training for high-wage jobs, and accessible, affordable health care for all.

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February 13, 2020 at 09:45AM

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