Stuart appointed to infrastructure panel

To ensure needed local capital infrastructure projects come to fruition, state Rep. Katie Stuart (D-Edwardsville) was appointed to the Legislative Advisory Committee for the Southwestern Illinois Regional Planning Commission.

“Illinois cannot wait any longer to address crumbling infrastructure throughout the Metro East and across the state,” Stuart said. “Our region has a lot of untapped potential with our close proximity to St. Louis. We have the opportunity to grow our regional economy, create jobs and attract visitors by investing into transportation infrastructure projects.”

Stuart supported the first capital infrastructure plan that Illinois has seen in a decade. Her plan will create 500,000 high-wage jobs while generating over $8 billion in economic activity.

The Southwestern Illinois Metropolitan and Regional Planning Commission provides planning, zoning, project development and technical assistance services for community and economic development, transportation and other areas. As a member of the Legislative Advisory Committee, Stuart will work with local leaders to develop plans to address and implement infrastructure improvement projects.

“Passing an infrastructure investment plan was a step toward making desperately needed improvements and repairs to infrastructure throughout our state, growing our economy and creating new, high-wage jobs,” she said. “I will be a strong voice for the Metro East on the Legislative Advisory Committee and work to ensure that this plan is executed for local projects.”

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October 8, 2019 at 10:06AM

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