Bob Daiber Announces Bid for Madison County Chairman |

EDWARDSVILLE – Bob Daiber, current Regional Superintendent of Schools, announced today that he will enter the 2020 race to be the next Madison County Chairman. Daiber addressed a group of Democratic stakeholders at IBEW 309 in Collinsville.

Daiber stated: “I have observed Madison County government for the past three years and the Prenzler administration has been the center of ongoing controversy. From the first meeting, which was questioned to be illegal, to the most recent sexual harassment allegations, this administration has failed to shed a positive image for the county. Citizens in Madison County have shared with me that this is not good government that can grow and advance the region.” “I will work to make Madison County better,” he exclaimed.

Daiber was critical of ongoing litigation in the county and the cost to taxpayers. He referenced a list of problems that included staff intimidation, name calling of fellow elected officials, incompetent hires, and politics before public policy. Daiber pledged as chairman he would operate an effective and efficient administration with only one qualified county administrator. “I will cut the excessive spending the Prenzler administration has created. This administration has more than tripled the staff and cost to conduct the basic functions of dealing with hiring, managing the budget, and dealing with a daily agenda. The cost to taxpayers has been great the past three years because of buyouts of employees who the administration sent packing and the increased salaries and positions created,” stated Daiber.

As chairman, Daiber said his agenda would include working to develop a well-trained workforce for the region, addressing property tax assessments for residential, business, and farmland, seeking resources to improve community infrastructure, and combatting the opioid problem in the region. Daiber stated: “We cannot turn our backs on problems that face our communities and we must recognize that mental health is a serious issue. From these issues, local governments are faced with public safety concerns that effect our schools, communities, and residents.”

Daiber shared that he was proud of his public record as a teacher for 28 years and as Regional Superintendent of Schools the last 12 years. He said that being chairman requires a vision to advance the county. That is why he is proud that he voted to help build Governor’s Parkway, voted to move forward with the Stan Musial bridge, and supported the initiative that improved the levy system of this region. Daiber said, “My record as an elected official has been one of having a vision for the future and putting the public’s interest first. My efforts everyday are to solve resident’s issues and help them with struggles they face. I promise the residents if elected in 2020 I will efficiently manage this county.”

Mark VonNida, Democratic Party Chairman, who could not be present, issued a statement indicating that while the central committee has made no official endorsement as of this date, “Bob Daiber has been a leader in the county for more than thirty years. He knows how to get things done because he knows how to work with people. He will use his experience to bring people together for the betterment of our citizens.”

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June 14, 2019 at 06:44AM

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