Letter: Legislature needs to approve quality of care measure for nursing homes



Apr 19, 2019 at 8:00 PM

The decision to trade a senior’s independence to live in a safe and protected environment with access to quality nursing care is one of the most of difficult decisions a senior and a family can make. But what complicates this decision is the fear that so many Illinois nursing homes are not well-staffed. Currently, Illinois nursing homes rank last in the nation on measures of direct resident nursing care. When nursing homes are not properly staffed, residents suffer.

My uncle and aunt both suffered in nursing homes. My uncle was given psychotropic medication to control his wandering. The staff informed me they lacked the staff to control the situation in other ways despite the fact that psychotropic medication as a restraint violates a resident’s rights. My aunt would not adequately eat and the staff made no attempt to feed her. Only when my family visited and fed her did she receive proper nourishment.

A critical nursing home residents’ quality of care measure, Senate Bill 1510, has recently passed the Illinois Senate. But by all accounts, the nursing home industry appears to be using all its clout to stop this reform. I urge my local lawmaker, state Rep. Mike Murphy, to stand up for nursing home residents and support the legislation in the Illinois House. The legislation does not increase the staffing ratios legislated in 2010. The legislation calls for nursing homes to follow the law or face fines.

Donna Cruce


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via The State Journal-Register

April 19, 2019 at 09:25PM

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