Illinois inmates who expose themselves to guards may face harsher punishments

CHICAGO — The Illinois State Senate has passed a bill to crack down on inmates who expose themselves to correctional officers and others.

WGN Investigates reported on the problem back in 2017 when Cook County Jail inmates set fire to new uniforms meant to prevent them from exposing themselves and throwing bodily fluid at staff and visitors.

Back then, Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart identified 107 detainees who were engaging in the conduct. Some were charged with public indecency but that hasn’t been enough to stop it.

The new bill allows correctional administrators to revoke up to 90-days of “good behavior” credit for inmates who do it. Repeat offenders could see as much as a year of “good behavior” time taken away for each subsequent charge.

The bill now goes to the Illinois State House for consideration.

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via WGN-TV

April 16, 2019 at 12:28PM

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