If Chicago is a black political mecca, why are African-Americans leaving the city in droves?


You’ve probably seen the list by now. Some folks are calling it “black women magic.”

Since Lori Lightfoot’s historic victory last week, the list has been passed around proudly as a symbol of the achievements of African-American women in the Chicago area.

While hardly anyone was paying attention, black women rose up and took charge of the most high-profile positions in our city and county government. If you throw in the African-American men also in top spots, the changing political tide is even more astounding.

I have a question, though. If our city really has become the black political mecca it appears to be, why are African-Americans leaving Chicago in droves?

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via Home – Chicago Tribune http://bit.ly/1LjWzdx

April 8, 2019 at 05:36AM

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