Kane County Board chairman says new state Rep. Hernandez hasn’t turned in board resignation, can’t be replaced


Kane County Board Chairman Chris Lauzen has scheduled a special meeting to declare a vacancy for the District 8 county board seat held by newly sworn-in 83rd District State Rep. Barbara Hernandez.

There’s just one problem, Herandez hasn’t submitted a resignation letter — a requirement to trigger the replacement process.

Lauzen thought the process could be started either with a letter of resignation or by declaring a vacancy for the office, he said Thursday. He had scheduled a special meeting for Friday with the agenda item, “Declare Vacancy in Office for Barbara Hernandez’s appointment to Illinois House of Representatives.”

However, State’s Attorney Joseph McMahon sent county board members a memo explaining a vacancy doesn’t exist unless Hernandez submits a resignation letter. “To our knowledge, Board Member Hernandez has not resigned,” he said.

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March 14, 2019 at 08:39PM

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