Planned Parenthood of Illinois could lose millions over new rule surrounding abortion

Days after the Trump administration issued a rule barring many health centers from providing abortion referrals, Planned Parenthood of Illinois said that it expects to continue offering such services despite the prospect of losing millions of dollars in funding.

Under the new rule, finalized by the Trump administration last week, health providers such as Planned Parenthood will no longer be allowed to directly refer patients for abortions if they accept Title X money. That funding supports family planning services and related preventative care, especially for low-income patients.

Providers who accept those dollars will also have to make sure that if they do perform abortions, those are financially and physically separated from other services supported by Title X money. And they will no longer, as the current rules stipulate, be required discuss abortion as an option when counseling pregnant patients.

In response, Planned Parenthood of Illinois has said that it will not participate in the Title X program if the new rule goes into effect in two months.

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Region: Chicago,City: Chicago,Business

via Breaking Business – Chicago Tribune

February 27, 2019 at 04:39PM

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