Illinois’ minimum wage would hit $15 in 2025 under plan introduced by state Senate Democrats

Illinois’ minimum wage would increase to $9.25 per hour on Jan. 1 and $15 per hour by 2025 under a Democratic plan introduced Wednesday in the state Senate.

Sen. Kimberly Lightford, a Maywood Democrat who for years has been attempting to raise the minimum wage from $8.25, filed her proposal after a week of behind-the-scenes negotiations with labor leaders, business groups and Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s administration.

Lightford said last week that her goal is for lawmakers to pass the bill in time for Pritzker to sign it into law before delivering his budget proposal to the legislature Feb. 20. If that happens, it would be a major early victory for Prtizker, who campaigned on raising wages for working families.

Lightford’s proposal is directly in line with the governor’s position on raising Illinois’ minimum wage for the first time since 2010, according to an administration document.

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via Home – Chicago Tribune

February 6, 2019 at 01:33PM

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