Lisa Madigan: CPD consent decree marks ‘new beginning’

A federal judge approved a consent decree Thursday that will govern changes within the Chicago Police Department to address a history of problematic policing.

This is a historic and hopeful moment for a city that has endured decades of misconduct and mistrust, mainly between communities of color and police officers. For the first time, Chicago has an enforceable, detailed plan for reform that will ensure constitutional, effective and safe policing for residents and police officers.

The Chicago Police Department now has one of the most comprehensive plans for reform in the country. The provisions were drafted and informed with guidance from the nation’s top policing experts, concerned and engaged Chicago residents, and police officers and their supervisors.

The tragic reality is that too many Chicago residents, especially members of Chicago’s African-American and Latino communities, have been treated inappropriately and experienced unjustified violence at the hands of the police.

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via Commentary – Chicago Tribune

January 31, 2019 at 05:18PM

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