Bill Daley promises property tax freeze in his first TV ad for Chicago mayor

Chicago mayoral candidate Bill Daley unveils a proposal to freeze homeowners’ property taxes in a television ad his campaign is set to start airing Thursday.

Daley’s ad marks the first significant broadcast and cable television buy of the Chicago mayoral race and serves as a sign that the former U.S. commerce secretary has started to lean on his financial advantage as the top campaign fundraiser in the race.

The TV spot, which features video and photos of Daley but does not include him talking, opens with a narrator bluntly stating, “Let’s get real, Chicago,” while flashing the diverse faces of people portrayed as everyday Chicagoans.

“Crime and taxes are up. While fancy buildings rise inside the Loop, families are being driven out of our neighborhoods every day,” the narrator says as video of skyscrapers along the Chicago River are shown, followed by shots of a young African-American boy eating corn on the cob, rows of bungalows and the Riviera Theatre’s marquee.

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via Home – Chicago Tribune

December 6, 2018 at 05:43AM

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