The Blue Wave That Inundated Illinois: What’s Next?


Bob Evans’ “Perspective” (Nov. 19, 2018).


The midterms generated a blue wave that inundated Illinois. Pritzker romped. Democrats won every state-wide office and defended their extraordinary legislative majorities. Illinois is now one of the bluest of blue states. 


What happened, and what’s next? It happened for several reasons. First, Illinois is, and has been, trending Democratic. Demographic changes are profound and persistent. ‎In addition, there was a down ballot anti-Trump and anti-Rauner effect. Trump’s biting social and cultural message that perhaps saved Senate seats cost Republicans House seats such as Illinois 6 and 14. Moderate suburban voters abandoned Republicans. 
The anti-Rauner effect was cumulative but fatal down ballot. His obstreperous budget stance, combined with yielding to Democrats on abortion and sanctuary status, alienated Independents and Republicans, who never returned to the fold. He cooked his own goose. 
Now that Democrats virtually control Illinois there are no bucks to be passed.‎ Two choices loom. They can claim a mandate for bold new programs, but at great cost. Illinois does not have two nickels to rub together. Or they could proceed modestly, conserving scarce resources for the looming budgetary tidal wave. 
Democrats will signal modesty and prudence if they consider early on a bill to place Republicans on the Endangered Species List.  


I am Bob Evans, and that is my perspective. 

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November 19, 2018 at 04:10AM

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