Wilmette village president, citing voter support, wants to follow Cook County sick time and minimum wage laws


Wilmette Village President Bob Bielinski said Thursday Wilmette should unconditionally follow Cook County’s minimum wage and paid sick time rules, based on the local vote on county advisory referendums Nov. 6.

In June, the Village Board voted to “opt in” to the minimum wage rules, but with some conditions including a sunset clause, and voted against following the county sick time rules.

But Bielinski said seeing how 76 percent of Wilmette voters backed adhering to the Cook County minimum wage rule and 80 percent backed doing the same for the paid sick time guidelines, the village should fully opt into the county ordinances.

“None of this was prepared prior to the election results becoming available. This was all in the last two days,” he said.

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November 9, 2018 at 10:12AM

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