Downstater Frerichs looks to build on progress as Illinois treasurer

Editor’s note: In addition to coverage of the Ag Legislative Roundtable’s Forum of major party candidates for Governor and Attorney General, and the RFD Radio Network® have reached out to each of the major party candidates for Illinois Secretary of State, Treasurer and Comptroller to discuss their candidacy for state office.

Michael Frerichs is touting his downstate roots as he seeks re-election to the Illinois state treasurer’s post.

“I grew up in downstate Gifford, Illinois, population 800, in northeast Champaign County,” he said. “It’s that kind of upbringing in the church that my mother taught me that it’s good to give back to people in the state.”

Michael Frerichs, Democrat for Illinois Treasurer
Michael Frerichs, Democrat for Illinois Treasurer

Frerichs was first elected in 2014 and counts his first term as a success.

“Over the last four years, we’ve dramatically increased the investment returns, more than quadrupling the amount of money we’re bringing into the state,” Frerichs said.

As far as meeting the needs of rural constituents, Frerichs looks to carry forward the Ag Invest program.

“It’s done a great job of providing capital to farmers to get a crop in the field and take it out and to help modernize their operations,” he said. 

Frerichs said changes have been made to the program since he’s been in office “to make it adapt as farming has adapted.” He said the changes have resulted in more utilization of the program across the state. 

He is also highlighting his role as a consumer advocate.

“Especially with life insurance companies who are holding on to money that should have been paid out to grieving loved ones,” Frerichs said. “We’ve passed legislation making sure that they would pay out that money because our auditors have uncovered over half-a-billion dollars in unpaid death benefits that should have gone to Illinois families.”

Audio: Frerichs’ full interview with RFD Radio.

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October 25, 2018 at 01:04AM

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