Q&A: Will County Democratic chairman talks midterms and if Madigan helps or hurts the party


Bill Thoman
Bill Thoman

The Nov. 6 election is less than two weeks away.

Bill Thoman, chairman of the Will County Democrats, is leading a party he said is energized. Locally, Democrats are looking to pick up some seats on the county board and maybe a countywide position or two.

Thoman spoke with Herald-News reporter Alex Ortiz about his hopes for a “Blue Wave” and whether Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan helps or hurts his party.

Ortiz: What most concerns you about this year’s election?

Thoman: So many policies and practices are being put into place that are just not in the public’s best interest and I think that kind of screams out at us. It should scream out at everyone that there needs to be a change. From nationally, statewide and locally you can see those things.

Ortiz: Can you give an example?

Thoman: If you look at responsible fiscal management statewide and our debt has tripled in the state during Bruce Rauner’s tenure. (And with) a lack of a budget for a majority of his term, he has ignored one of his constitutional mandates to present a budget.

Ortiz: Does Speaker Madigan help or hurt you in this election at the local level?

Thoman: Well he has been demonized, sometimes very effectively demonized, by the Republican Party. That is a consistent part of their message. We’ve got candidates that have never even met Mike Madigan, have nothing to do with Mike Madigan, yet that’s kinda like – no pun intended – that’s kind of like the trump card that the Republican Party is playing.

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October 24, 2018 at 07:04AM

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