State Sen. Daniel Biss, consumer activists target McDonald’s in antibiotics fight

State Sen. Daniel Biss and consumer rights advocates are turning up the pressure on McDonald’s in a collaborative effort to reduce the use of antibiotics in the meat supply chain.

Biss, the Evanston state senator who came in second in the Democratic primary for governor, is sponsoring a bill that would further restrict antibiotic use in food-producing animals, such as beef cattle and hogs. Health experts in recent years have spoken out against the routine use of antibiotics to promote growth or prevent disease in animals because it contributes to antibiotic-resistant bacteria in humans.

The bill is aimed specifically at the farmers raising the animals, not fast-food chains. But Biss and representatives from the U.S Public Interest Research Group also are calling on Chicago-based McDonald’s, the largest fast-food chain in the world, to set concrete goals for phasing out the routine use of antibiotics in its supply chain.

In 2016, McDonald’s stopped serving in its U.S. restaurants chicken treated with antibiotics that are considered important to humans, but it hasn’t yet set a specific timeline for taking the same steps for beef or pork.

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via Breaking Business – Chicago Tribune

October 17, 2018 at 06:03AM

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