Hinsdale Democrat challenges 10-year Republican incumbent for DuPage Forest Preserve District Board


A Hinsdale man is challenging a 10-year-incumbent for her seat on the DuPage County Forest Preserve District Board.

Irfan Ibrahim, the Democratic candidate for District 3, said he believes board members should have term limits and cuts in pay. But incumbent Linda Painter, who lives in the Timberlake community, said she works extremely hard in the elected position.

“This is my full-time job. I put an incredible amount of time into it,” Painter said.

The six board members are paid $50,000 a year, plus health benefits that cost between $13,800 and $19,620 a year, depending on the plan. The board meets on Tuesday mornings, usually for less than an hour.

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Region: DuPage,Local,Region: Suburbs

via Clarendon Hills News – The Doings Clarendon Hills https://ift.tt/2EfCXPl

October 7, 2018 at 07:03AM

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