Vote Padilla for 71st House

Last week, I found out something new about Joan Padilla, candidate for Illinois’ 71st House District.

Already, I knew Joan enjoyed a fine local reputation of impeccable character. Already, I knew she was a caring, articulate, bright and hard-working woman. I knew, too, that she was good at budgeting, organizing and managing – evidence by her executive director position of a vital, successful nonprofit organization.

Here’s what I did not know about Padilla: she has a deep commitment to the education of our children.

In spring 2013, Padilla supported and marched with Dixon teachers. Her husband, Tom, is an active Illinois Education Association member and high school educator. In addition to her keen awareness of teacher and student issues, Joan has full grasp of the depth of work necessary to improve our schools. 

Padilla is ready to get to work in Springfield for the 71st District and fight for all children; believing they should enjoy an equitable and fairly-funded education. As an educator myself, I know Padilla is what we need in Springfield. 

Remember, in November, a vote for this champion for education, Joan Padilla, is a vote for all students and educators, and for a better future in Illinois.

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September 15, 2018 at 08:04AM

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