Rauner 2.0 — a little bit of change we can’t quite believe in


A kinder, gentler, less confrontational Gov. Bruce Rauner stopped by Friday morning for an extended interview with the Tribune Editorial Board.

His visit came a day after he delivered an extraordinary “reset” speech to supporters in which he admitted that he’d been overaggressive in his first term in an attempt to “shock state government into shape,” and he professed a new commitment to “building consensus” and accepting “incremental improvements” by working across the aisle.

“I’ve learned that it’s … important to build mutual understanding — to find common ground with those elected officials who want to change things for the better,” he said in his speech. “I’ve learned to listen. It takes wisdom to listen to those who disagree with you, wisdom that can be gained only through years of tough political fights.”

Well, no. Most of us pick up this sort of wisdom in grade school. “You can’t always get your way. It pays to understand the viewpoints of those with whom you disagree and seek compromise resolutions.” These insights arrive at about the same time as “it’s good to share your toys” and “it’s bad to run with scissors.”

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via Commentary – Chicago Tribune https://ift.tt/2b2aIzV

September 14, 2018 at 06:51PM

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