DuPage GOP senator to appear with Democrat candidates in 6th CD event


WHEATON – Concerns about the once-solidly Republican DuPage County turning blue heightened Friday when an online ad indicating GOP incumbent State Senator Mike Connelly will appear at a town hall next Tuesday night with an array of Democrat candidates endorsed by the Illinois Education Association.

And when the ad indicated the host of the event is 6th CD Democrat challenger Sean Casten, who compared Donald Trump to Bin Laden earlier this year, more questions arose.

Is Senator Connelly abandoning his once-solid conservative voting record and previous support for school choice in order to be endorsed by the Illinois Education Association?  The event next Tuesday night at Wheaton’s Northside Park hails it as an #IEAVotes Kickoff, and lists other candidates to be featured – all Democrats, except Connelly.


The IEA told Illinois Review they had not yet completed their list on endorsed candidates for the November 2018, but expected to do so shortly. 

Senator Connelly’s office has yet to reply to a query about the event.

Sean Casten is hoisting a heated challenge to longtime incumbent for the 6th CD, Congressman Peter Roskam, hoping to take advantage of what the Democrats hope is a nationwide Blue Wave to recover control of the US House. 


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via Illinois Review https://ift.tt/1msOJ3I

August 31, 2018 at 02:32PM

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