Lawmakers consider ivory ban

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ILLINOIS (WCIA) — The Trump Administration is on the fence whether or not to end the sale and purchase of ivory, so some at the state Capitol are taking matters into their own hands to end the trade.

The bill’s author is pushing for the ban saying the illegal killing of elephants or rhinoceroses is deplorable.

Studies show these animals are rapidly going extinct; only a small fraction remain on the planet and he thinks Illinois should be an example for the rest of the country by banning ivory.

It’s not the first time lawmakers have tried to do this. In 2015, they tried a similar law, but it was shot down. The NRA opposed the ban saying certain guns and antiques should have been excluded.

The new proposal does just that. It’s unclear if it will do the trick though. Some say the decision is a “no brainer.”

In 2016, the Obama Administration banned the sale of ivory almost entirely. Although President Trump condemned the practice in November, his administration reversed the ban.

Most recently, China outlawed legal ivory sales. It’s the world’s largest ivory consumer. Animal activists argue any legal sale of ivory only helps the illegal market supplying it.

Since 2014, some states have taken charge. California, Hawaii, New Jersey and New York all outlawed ivory; many including exceptions for antiques.

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