Pierce: Please House District 109, stop the political slimeball!


6a00e54ee06170883401b7c958c2c8970bBy Sam Pierce – 

Representative David Reis (R- 109) may have once been a good man. He may even still be a good man. If the latter is the case he should be very angry with the Illinois Republican Party! You may recall that Reis voted for the the 32% tax hike , but we are supposed to forget that because he voted against overriding the veto. So why am I referring to a man of such awesome consistency as a “political slimeball”? The short answer is that I live in his district and have a mailbox.

The Illinois Democrat Jr. Party (slyly dubbed the Illinois Republican Party) has flooded our mailboxes with some of the most disturbing pieces of campaign trash. The garbage is so bad, it may even be worse, at least by volume, than that which has been blasted out to deceive Illinois voters about Jeanne Ives. Of course, the ILDJP (Illinois Democrat Jr. Party) knows that many will not know any better than to believe whatever glossy printed bovine excrement fills their mailboxes. Just like the real Democrat Party, the ILDJP counts on electoral ignorance to maintain its comfy position as the pretend opposition in the bastion of liberal idiocy that is Illinois. 

The stupidity has been overwhelming, as has been the misrepresentation.


Darren Bailey is a farmer, a family man of strong faith, and a person who (with his wife) started a Christian school in his community. In addition, he has served on the North Clay Unit 25 school board for 17 years, a fact that David Reis and the ILDJP twist into a label of “career politician” when deceptively campaigning for the tax hike flip-flopper Reis. David Reis is running for his eighth term of getting paid by the taxpayers, but being a member of the school board is what qualifies as a “career politician.”

I will agree that rising property taxes are not a good thing, but the Reis campaign and the ILDJP are hanging their dirty political hats on votes Bailey made while on the school board. I am no expert on school board activities, but common sense tells me that school board decisions are necessarily local decisions. I firmly believe that the funding of and running of things like schools should be local. If a school needs a new roof, one constructed in a fashion that will greatly reduce the possibility of costly water damage, should the state pay for it? Unfortunately a lot of our tax money is sent to the state where it can be wastefully filtered through the bureaucracy and then redistributed as the political support dictates. Give me local control and local school boards asking for levies against LOCAL property tax every time over bowing to some distant master in the capitol.

Reis and his dirty bankrollers at the ILDJP have made the laughable claim that Bailey is a Chicago plant and benefits from dirty Chicago money. I suppose there could have been a conspiracy long ago to send a man to Clay County to farm the land and participate in the community for years until the time is right to unleash the Chicago plant upon the all-important District 109. What amazing forethought whoever came up with that scheme must have possessed! What about dirty Chicago money? Is Darren Bailey benefiting from dirty Chicago money when a PAC is spending money to oppose those who voted for the tax hike? Maybe, but definitely not to the degree that the Reis campaign is benefiting from the real dirty (and pro-abortion) Chicago money as so many of these ridiculous mailers are paid for by the ILDJP, an entity which has benefited from millions in donations from Dirty Diana’s husband, Bruce Rauner!

The establishment is depending on the level of ignorance that allows these mailers to defraud the electorate. Please District 109, turn away from the glossy mailers and say NO to the establishment and tax hike David Reis!

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