Moylan To Back ERA Ratification | Journal & Topics Media Group

State Rep. Marty Moylan (D-55th) is on board to help ratify the Equal Rights Amendment with a supermajority in both the Illinois House and Senate.

Sue Friedman, a Des Plaines resident and co-lead of the “Stand With Women” subgroup of the Northwest Suburban Organizing for Action activist network, said she met with Moylan to discuss the issue Monday, Jan. 29.

“He said it was a no-brainer,” Friedman said. “If you care about families, you care about the women in your families.”

Introduced to Congress for the first time in 1923, the ERA seeks to create an equality of rights regardless of sex, and to end legal distinctions between men and women. While the legislation gained traction in the 1970s, it did not receive the required 38-state ratification by March 1979 or by an extended deadline in 1982.

However, states have continued to ratify the amendment in past years, with the goal of overturning the deadline. Today, Illinois is one of 16 states that have not ratified the amendment.

Though both Illinois houses have passed ERA by a majority vote, the state requires a three-fifths supermajority to ratify the amendment.

Now that Moylan is on board, local activists are working on the next steps to making ERA ratification a reality in Illinois. A community meeting in Des Plaines is in the works, as well as plans to reach out to State Rep. Lou Lang (D-16th) for more help.

Action should kick into high gear after the March 20 gubernatorial primary election, Friedman said.

Moylan is also expected to attend the “Stand With Women” post-Women’s March after party organized by Friedman from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 6 at the Northwest Suburban Democrats office, 1310 W. Northwest Hwy., Arlington Heights.

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