JB Pritzker: “Quincy”


TV Anchor: The deaths of 13 residents at a Veterans home in downstate Quincy is dominating the race for Governor today

Anchor 2: But a new investigation revealed the problem still isn’t fixed

Voiceover: Critics are now questioning the transparency of the Rauner Administration

Voiceover 2: Legionnaires broke out at the home in 2016, at the time Governor Rauner said this:

Bruce Rauner: We have taken all steps that the Centers for Disease Control have recommended

Voiceover 3: Documents now show the Rauner Admin made a conscious decision not to inform the families or the public about the deadly Legionnaires outbreak

Voiceover 4: But according to emails from Governor Bruce Rauner’s office, leaders waited six days before alerting the public

Voiceover 5: Lawsuits piling up over problems with Legionnaires Disease at the veteran’s home

Sen. Tammy Duckworth: I think our veterans deserve nothing but the absolute best, and they’re not getting that at this time.

Anchor 3: Why did it take six days after the Director of Public Health said, “it looks like we have an outbreak developing” for the public to know?

Reporter: Have your folks dropped the ball?

Bruce Rauner: No, I don’t believe so at all

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