Did we miss something? Isn’t the Illinois governor race decided?


The Illinois governor’s election is all but set, right? Clash of the billionaires, neither of whom has any real experience at pushing the levers of government.

The state’s Democrats have all rallied around J.B. Pritzker. The bumper stickers are already on the tradesmen’s pickups. Done deal, right? Inevitable?

Well, not exactly.

Illinois state Sen. Daniel Biss was campaigning in the area.

What for?

Governor. Nobody told him the primary was over.

The Democrat from Evanston is a Harvard grad and got his Ph.D. in math at MIT. Numbers don’t lie, so having a numbers guy in politics is intriguing. During eight years in the state legislature, he’s sponsored 90 bills that passed including the 2014 bill that placed 2.5 million Illinois workers in a retirement savings plan, with the ability to opt out, if their employer did not offer one.

And just for the record, Democrats have six folks on the ballot besides the anointed billionaire: Biss, Chris Kennedy, Terry Getz, Bob Daiber, Tio Hardiman and Robert Marshall. Daiber is the Madison County regional superintendent of schools.

If all you do is go to the primary polls on March 20, you’ll pick a name you recognize. Biss makes the point that there is justifiable distrust of the establishment, and the establishment is protecting the establishment with a Bruce Rauner look-alike.

How’s that worked out for Illinois having an inexperienced billionaire? Why would a different inexperienced billionaire picked by Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan work out any better? Is Illinois about to top its amazing record of political failure?

And there’s a race in the Republican primary, too. State Rep. Jeanne Ives is on the ballot as an alternative to Rauner.

Don’t forget the Libertarians, who have three primary candidates for governor: Grayson Jackson, Matthew Scaro, and Jon Stewart

The point is there are a lot of choices in the primary. You need to do some research, look at their records and values.

Once informed, you have a duty to go to the polls. If all you are doing is picking a familiar name, you have a duty to stay home.

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